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Agricultura Urbana em Coberturas Verdes

Evaluation of Sustainable Roof from Various Aspects and Benefits of Agriculture Roofing in Urban Cor
Long-term Rooftop Plant Communities
Report on the Environmental Benefits and Costs of Green Roof Technology for the City of Toronto
Urban Agriculture: Another Way to Feed Cities
Sustainability of Urban Agriculture: Vegetable Production on Green Roofs
Stuart Alan Walters * and Karen Stoelzle Midden
The role of green roof technology in urban agriculture
Leigh J. Whittinghill and D. Bradley Rowe
Evaluation of Vegetable Production on Extensive Green Roofs
Sustainable Food Systems for Future Cities: The Potential of Urban Agriculture
Effects of Evapotranspiration on Mitigation of Urban Temperature by Vegetation and Urban Agriculture
Guo-yu QIU Hong-yong LI Qing-tao ZHANGW an CHEN Xiao-jian LIANG Xiang-ze LI
Green roof urban farming for buildings in high-density urban cities
Rooftop gardens can help alleviate heat in cities, study finds
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