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PassivHauss Portugal

The Passivhaus Portugal Association was created in late 2012 with the following objectives:

Disseminate (promote and develop) the Passive House concept in Portugal.
Contribute to Portugal's energy independence and sustainability.


Passive House is a constructive concept that defines a high performance standard that is efficient, from an energetic, healthy, comfortable, economically accessible and sustainable point of view.


Health and comfort

Passive House contributes to the well-being and health of its occupants. The interior environment in a Passive House is characterized by good air quality, thermal comfort (minimum temperature 20ºC and maximum temperature 25ºC) and no major thermal variations.


Healthy building

A Passive House is developed based on respect for the principles of building physics, avoiding the appearance of pathologies and optimizing the building's performance.


Energy efficiency

Passive House is the highest standard of energy efficiency in the world: energy savings reach 75% compared to conventional buildings. Passive House is a tried and tested solution that fully meets the definition of NZEB - Nearly Zero Energy Building (building with almost zero energy needs).


A Passive House can be built at the same price as a conventional building. The operating costs of a Passive House are substantially lower than those of a conventional building due to reduced energy and maintenance needs.



In a Passive House there is a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions, due to energy efficiency. The Passive House concept contributes to climate protection through less reliance on fossil fuels. The low energy needs of a Passive House can be easily met by renewable sources of energy.


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